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Name: ET System Germany



          AC sources are used to simulate frequency, voltage, wave form, phase angles and current of different single- and three-phase networks. Our single- and three-phase AC sources feature excellent control data and cover a performance range from 250 VA to 150 kVA.

          Our motor-driven sources are used in all places where a high performance is required and they offer a markedly cost-effective solution for such high-performance applications.

          The electronically generated and stabilized voltage of our AC sources is galvanically separated from the input and can be set from zero to maximum voltage. As with all device families of ET System electronic GmbH, the AC sources are either built as laboratory units or as ATE versions for automated test systems in 19 inch cases.

          Analogue interfaces as well as IEEE 488, RS-232/485, USB and LAN are available to control our devices. With the IEEE interface, drivers for the Lab View user interface can also be used.

          Matured technologies, ongoing adaptation to the latest requirements and a comprehensive range of options, guarantee a smooth integration into all applications.

EAC-S 250 - 10000 VA

Single phase Electronic AC Power Sources

• EAC-S 03 15 en.pdf677 K

EAC-3S 750 - 30000 VA

3 phase Electronic AC power sources

• EAC-3S 03 15 en.pdf733 K

EAC-SP 250 - 12000 VA

Single phase Electronic AC Power Sources

• EAC-SP 10 13 en 01.pdf

EAC-3SP 750 - 36000 VA

3 phase Electronic AC power sources

• EAC-3SP 10 13 en.pdf

EAC 250 - 10.000 VA

Single phase Electronic AC Power Sources

• EAC 09 3 en.pdf76 K

EAC/3P 750 - 30.000 VA

Flexible modular 3 phase Electronic systems

• EAC 3P 09 3 en.pdf72 K

EAC-I 500 - 3000 VA

• EAC-I 500-3000 03 14 en.pdf

EAC-AFC 0,5 – 800 kVA

• EAC-AFC-0 5-800kVa 1302 EN.pdf

EAC/MT/SL 500 - 1000 VA

Motor driven source with leakage current measurement

• 1-5EAC-MT500-1000VA 09 3 en.pdf540 K

EAC/MT 1 & 3 phasig bis 150 kVA

3 phase, high power motor driven AC power sources

• EAC-MT1-3ph 03 12 en.pdf765 K

EAC/P 1350 - 2000 VA

Switchmode ac source

• EACP1350CE 09 3 en 01.pdf116 K

• EACP1350 09 3 en 01.pdf122 K

• EACP1351 09 3 en 01.pdf434 K

• EACP1352 09 3 en 01.pdf434 K

• EACP2002 09 3 en 01.pdf94 K

EAC/BL 1350 VA

Special engine test options

• EACBL1350 09 3 en 01.pdf125 K

EAC/HP 1000 - 20000 VA

Switchmode ac source

• EACHP 09 3 en 01.pdf122 K

EAC/BL Plus 30 - 120 kVA

Switchmode ac source

EAC/ACM/ACP 250 – 9000 VA

Linear ac source

• EACACM 09 3 en 01.pdf140 K

• EACACP 09 3 en 01.pdf

96 K


          Our company provides you with a very broad product range of programmable and manually operated DC laboratory power supplies. The comprehensive platform offering is complemented by diverse options and can at any time be extended by customized adaptations. In addition to analogous interfaces, our devices can also be controlled by IEEE, RS-232/485, USB or LAN.

          We offer you switch-mode as well as linear supplies certainly addressing all requirements with their 120-watt power spectrum. Should, however, this broad performance range fail to meet customers’ expectations at any point, we shall develop a customized solution in the shortest time.

LAB/SL 120 - 240 W

Linear Laboratory DC Sources with integrated Electronic Load

• LAB SLSingle 09 3 en.pdf63 K

LAB/SLR 120 - 240 W

As the LAB/SL but with automatic ranging

• LAB SLR 09 3 en.pdf64 K

LAB/EC 90 - 600 W

Linear Laboratory DC PSU

• LABEC 09 3 en.pdf57 K

• LABECMulti 09 3 en.pdf57 K

LAB/LC 300 - 900 W

Schaltnetzeteil, kostengünstig

• LAB-LC-300-900 11 10 en.pdf738 K

LAB/SP 500 - 2000 W

Primary switched DC laboratory Sources 500 - 2000 W

• LAB SP750W 09 3 en.pdf61 K

• LAB SP2000W 09 3 en.pdf64 K

LAB/SM 0,5 - 2 kW

Switch Mode DC Power Supplies with excellent specification

• LAB SM 0 5-2kW 09 12 en.pdf643 K

LAB/SMP 1,2 – 2,4 kW

Switch Mode DC Power Supplies with excellent specification

• LAB SMP 1 2-2 4kW 14 02 en.pdf

LAB/SMS 3 - 10 kW

Switch Mode DC Power Supplies with excellent specification

• LAB SMS 05 14 en.pdf

LAB/HP 5 - 120 kWatt

High Power = compact design

• LAB HP 5-120kWPV 05 14 en.pdf682 K

LAB/S 500 - 4500 W

Linear DC power supplies from 500 - 4500 W

• LAB S 09 3 en.pdf59 K


DC Sources up to 60.000 Watt in IGBT Technology

• LAB ACO IGBT 09 3 en.pdf61 K

LAB/ACO/ 1.000.000 W

High power DC sources up to 1MW

• LAB ACO 09 3 en.pdf56 K

DC-Source/Load with Power recycling

          This 2 quadrant DC System is ideal for the evaluation of electrical motors used in modern vehicles. The use of modern control techniques with a PWM rectifier (IGBT) ensures high dynamics over the entire power range.

          The LAB/SL is offered with a range of computer interfaces to help simplify its integration into a wider test system.

LAB/SL 25 – 500 kW

• LAB SL 01 13 en.pdf

LAB/HPR 5 – 90 kW

DC-Source/Load with Power recycling

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Name:Pduke System


          Power Mate Technology Co., Ltd. a professional power supply company established in 1992 and listed in Taiwan’s stock market. Proud with our longer term market experience and technology knowhow to promote own design / manufacture DC-DC converter business under P-Duke brand . The DC-DC converter from P-Duke, innovative, high quality products with numerous safety approvals, combining the latest digital design, excellent electrical performance and compact dimensions.. the products range from smallest module converters with an output of 1 Watt to 400 Watt converters.

Isolated DC/DC Converters

SMD Package 1-15W
SMD Package 1-15W
SMD Package 1-15W
SIP/DIP Package 1-6W
DIP 24 Package 3-15W
DIP 24 Package 3-15W
1x1 Package 10-30W
1"x1" Package 10-30W
2x1 Package 5-60W
2"x1" Package 5-60W
2x1.6 & 2x2 Package 15-60W
2"x1.6" & 2"x2" Package 15-60W
Brick Type 50-200W
Brick Type 50-200W
Reinforced I/O Isolation
Reinforced I/O Isolation
Internal Filter For EN55022 Class B PCB Mount
Internal Filter For EN55022 Class B PCB Mount
EMI Solution Wall Mount & Chassis Mount
EMI Solution Wall Mount & Chassis Mount
EMI Solution Din Rail
EMI Solution Din Rail
EMI Solution Terminal Block
EMI Solution Terminal Block
Medical DC/DC Converters
Medical DC/DC Converters
Railway DC/DC Converters
Railway DC/DC Converters

Non-Isolated DC/DC Converters

SMD Package
SMD Package
SIP Package
SIP Package

AC/DC Power Supply

Medical AC/DC Power Supply
Medical AC/DC Power Supply
Open Frame Type
Open Frame Type
Medical AC/DC Power Supply
U-Chassis Type
Enclosed Type
Enclosed Type

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Project: Energy Technologies Inc

ETI manufactures a variety of power generating, power conditioning, power distribution and computer products with the main focus areas being:

Critical applications that require a high degree of operating reliability for data or process Security; Applications that require continuous or extended operation under all power conditions;Applications where the equipment is subjected to harsh environmental requirements.

ETI's Rugged Products have become the Standard for High Reliability. Our products are inuse around the world including:

Shipboard applications including the US Navy's surface ships and submarines; Airborne applications including US Air Force, Coast Guard and Navy aircraft; Ground transport applications including US Army and Joint Operations vehicles; Mobile site applications including NATO, State Department and Marine Corps deployment; Petro-Chemical applications including Refineries, Off-Shore Platforms and Pipelines; Process operations ranging from Breweries to Nuclear Power Plants.

DeL Piezo

Name: DeL Piezo Specialties LLC


DeL Piezo Specialties LLC is a true world leader in the manufacture of Industrial and Specialty piezoelectric ceramics. We offer extensive varieties of piezoelectric ceramic compositions and products. DeL Piezo is a leading one-stop source for world wide competitors’ equivalent composition and is the only supplier provided electrical and mechanical properties matrix for all compositions

Name: Shanghai Green Tech Co., Ltd


Shanghai Green tech Co., Ltd is a high-tech manufacturer specializing in the research, development, production and distribution services of super capacitors, tantalum capacitors, mica capacitor and aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The company is located in the convenient and scenic area- Pudong New District of Shanghai

Name: OmniCel Batteries


One stop solution for Lithium Thionyl Chloride and Lithium Manganese Dioxide batteries for just about every industrial and Mil-Cot application and also welcomes customization with built Specification

Name: Isotec Corporation


Isotec Corporation, established in 1996, is a privately owned company based in Seoul, Korea. Isotec manufactures RF Connectors, Military Circular Connectors and RF Microwave Components for Wireless Mobile Communications, Military and Industrial Market. The products offered by the company include the following:

  • RF Coaxial Connectors: SMA | MCX | MMCX | SMB | BNC | TNC | N | 7/16
  • RF Adaptors: SMA to TNC/BNC | SMA to BNC/N | SMA to SMB/N
  • RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies: Semi Rigid Cables, Semi Flexible Cables, Flexible Cables
  • RF Components:
  • Attenuators: SMA Attenuators, N-type Attenuators
  • Terminations: SMA Termination, N-Type Termination
  • Circular Connectors:
  • MIL-DTL-5015
  • MIL-DTL-26482 I
  • MIL-DTL-26482 II
  • MIL-DTL-38999